How to Select the Best Scabies Home Remedies

"Choosing scabies home remedies can be confusing, as there are a large number of products and various ideas that may seem worth trying. The bottom line is you may ultimately need a prescription from your doctor, to banish the parasites that are turning your body into a meal cart. However, there are natural remedies and scabies home remedies that you may use in conjunction with traditional medicine, or on their own if you feel that is the right course to pursue in your circumstance ."

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Scabies home remedies you can try at home. Suggestions include 1) Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil 2) Turmeric powder with lemon juice and 3) Crushed Neem leaves. Note if Scabies continue to spread see your Doctor immediately.

Causes of Scabies

To understand scabies home remedies, it is helpful to understand what causes scabies. That will give you an idea of how to better use your treatment(s) of choice in combination with the products your doctor may give you.

Scabies is “extremely” contagious and caused by a small ugly looking mite that survives up to a 30 days living under your skin. It lays eggs under the skin, and when they hatch, they start the cycle all over again. Symptoms may last for months or years, which is why you must stop it cold the first time if you can.

The Sarcoptes scabiei mite rapidly spreads from person-to-person through direct contact such as hugging, sleeping together, sharing bedding, sharing towels and wearing another’s clothing, It may also be spread by sexual contact. 

The secretions the mite produces cause the insane relentless itching, which is why it’s a good idea to know as much as possible able scabies home remedies to use with your other medications, if you choose to use conventional medical means to get rid of scabies.


Since scabies mites burrow under the 1st skin layer and then lay eggs, they produce what look like tracks on the skin.  It can look like an S-shaped blister or a zigzag track. The skin becomes irritated causing a red rash. You’ll typically find these in your armpits, the webs of your fingers/toes, under your nails, around the waist, inner elbow, nipples, penis, wrists, the groin area or your buttocks. 

scabies home remediesPicture of Scabies Rash on Skin Source: Naturasil Scabies Products


One look at the markings on your skin and the doctor will have a very good idea about what you have. If there is any doubt, they may take a skin scraping.   Note that an individual has scabies for a period of 3 to 6 week before skin symptoms appear.

Scabies Home Remedies

The Centers for Disease Control suggests that all family members that have come in contact with the infected individual be treated.  The Center also states that only prescription products  called scabicides have been specifically approved for scabies. These include insecticide based products such as permethrin cream (5%), Crotamiton Lotion (10%), Lindane lotion (1%) and Ivermectin (Stromectol). 

There are several products that are available over the counter for scabies. We do not recommend over-the-counter products for eliminating scabies since these have not been proven. If you would still like to consider these products, we suggest:

  • Mitactin is an over-the-counter product formulated to kill mites by penetrating the skin. The non-toxic formula causes extreme irritation to a parasite's feeding and breathing systems within minutes, causing them to die.
  • Dr. Berrys sulfur cream uses 100% essential plant extracts to provide relief from symptoms associated with mites.
  • Along with Dr. Berrys, many people also use a Sulfur-Lavender soap such as the product offered by Naturasil. It is made from 10% micronized volcanic sulfur, pure lavender and plant extracts.

Home Remedies for Removing Mites From Your Home

In addition to the mites under the skin, mites also need to be killed that are living in your environment.  Home remedies to kill mites in the home include:

  • Benzarid Spray is a disinfectant formulated to kill parasites such as mites
  • Fossil Dust (diatomaceous earth) is a natural product that clings to mites, eventually killing them.  The dust is applied in a thin layer on carpets, rugs, furniture, flooring, in cracks/crevices and around plants.

Along with the scabies home remedies you choose, be sure to wash all bed linen and clothes that were used up to 3 days before a scabies diagnosis is made.  Note that scabies mites that are not living on a human will die in 2 to 3 days.




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