Skin Care and health is a resource for learning about different skin diseases and conditions. We are dedicated to helping our readers identify and get a better understanding of their specific skin condition.  The focus of this site is on symptoms, diagnosis treatment, recovery and skin problem prevention.  Our goal is to get the reader to the information they need as quickly as possible.

Our intent is not to replace your Doctor, but to provide information that can be used by you to have an informed discussion on a particular skin problem.  It is hard to ask your Dermatologist, General Practitioner or other skin health professional questions, when you weren't able to prepare in advance. 

Skin Care Starts with Prevention Including Sun Screen and Clothing That Covers Skin Surfaces

We'll also devote editorial resources to cosmetic dermatology. An individuals appearance and the way they feel about themselves is an important part of any dermatological approach.  Information will also be provided on skin rejuvenation and treatment approaches such as Botox.

Content will also be dedicated to outside influences on the skin and how to maintain skin health in different environments.  This site will look at the role of the sun,  tattoos, piercing and even tanning salons on dermatological health. Skincare products are not approved by the FDA so it is important to do your research and consult with a Dermatologist whenever possible.

 We hope to help readers protect themselves from future skin problems by looking at the role of genetics, and how to select the right sunscreen.

Lastly, we'll help readers examine their skin and understand what is going on.  This includes common skin conditions such as infections to more chronic problems such as a melanoma.  This can be difficult as most symptoms are non-specific, meaning that they can indicate several skin problems.  Often skin treatment involves trying different prescription and over the counter approaches to see which approach helps to correct the problem.  This is not unusual when treating problems such as acne.

The next decade promises to yield significant improvements in our understanding of skin care.   Both conventional approaches and where appropriate, homeopathic or natural skin remedies will be included in our review of each skin disease and condition.  The advantage of conventional medicine is that it is well researched and specific to the diagnosis.  Homeopathic or home skin remedies work by strengthening the body's natural healing process.  

Often they can be used together, with prescription medications curing the condition, and homeopathic approaches speeding recovery, reducing the severity of symptoms and as a way of preventing future problems.

If there is any information that you couldn't find on the skin care site, please send us a request by clicking the contact link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.