Bellicon Rebounder Reviews and Competitor Comparisons

One factor in skin health is the frequency and quality of exercise. Whole body cellular health is part of that equation, and one of the best exercises for meeting this goal is rebounding.

This article takes you through my personal journey in selecting a rebounder  by comparing Bellicon Rebounder reviews to 2017 rebounder reviews and features of other brands and models. 

Learn the differences by visiting Bellicon website first:

Then, read these comparisons between the Bellicon and products offered by other manufacturers to avoid the mistake that I made, which was to first purchase a low-cost Rebounder in a local sporting goods store instead of just spending the money, and going with quality the first time around. 

Bellicon Rebounder Reviews Comparison Chart

BelliconHighest quality construction and bounce from bungee cords. Best combination of bounce and health benefits. New price point of $399 makes getting into a top quality rebounder more affordable.$399 - $1000
CellerciserNew spring design improves bounce, even on mat edge, and accommodates people of all weights.$325 - $559
NeedakUnique responsive bounce while still providing health benefits$280 - $325
JumpSportBungee cord supported bounce that can be adjusted for tension or firmness of the bounce.$299 - $410
ReboundAirFocused on delivering a health bounce only. Fold perfect for tight spaces.$350 - $429
Urban RebounderValue priced entry level Rebounder for health benefits.$140

The Brands and Buying Criteria

There are 7 major brands of rebounders along with several regional brands.  We review each brand using the following buying criteria:

  • Basics (construction, can it fold)
  • Price
  • Reputation
  • Build Quality
  • Bounce
  • Warranty
  • Review

The biggest difference between Rebounders is the quality of materials such as the jumping mat and springs or bungee cords that hold the jumping mat in place.  Brands also differ on portability with some models folding in half and others in quarters.

The problem with some of the lower cost models is the quality of the experience (the bounce), longevity, quality and the impact on the user of materials as they wear.

As you press deeper into the mat, the feet compensate to retain balance with what is called over-pronation (a tilting of the foot at the ankle to the left or right). Cheaper mat and spring combinations that quickly loose some of the original stiffness will exaggerate this effect causing joint and back problems.

Bellicon vs. Urban Rebounder

The Urban Rebounder is one of the leading brands in the United States. Only one v-shaped spring model with a 40" diameter is offered. It is manufactured exclusively in the USA using quality parts.The legs do not fold in storage but can be easily removed.

It can be found on Amazon in a package that includes workout DVDs and the stabilizing bar for as low as $140. The unit  has a body weight capacity of 300 lbs.


The Urban Rebounder folds in quarters for storage and has a stabilizing bar for anyone that needs it for balance or to support a wide variety of exercises. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble and anyone can do it (really!). Reviews from other users are largely positive making this a good choice for anyone that wants to walk, run or try some basic moves.

According to Consumer Reports, "half of the staffers who tried the Urban Rebounder said they'd consider buying it." (among people that never tried rebounding before.)


Some reviewers complain about the initial chemical smell of the product. Others found the quality to be uneven, with some Rebounders performing as promised and others having spring and craftsmanship problems.

The Bottom Line:

The Urban Rebounder offers a value priced product that is perfect for the casual user that wants a lower cost entry into rebounding or that wants to benefit from the health effects. If you are an experienced rebounder we suggest other models such as the Cellerciser, Needak or the Bellicon.

If you want a basic entry level Rebounder and are willing to take the chance on the smell or quality, then go with this low cost model.  If you detect any quality issues out of the box, be sure to immediately contact the company for a replacement.

More on the Urban Rebounder

Bellicon vs. Needak

Needak makes high quality Rebounders offering one of the softest bounces available. All models are made in the USA and use springs for suspending the mat. Models are divided into two categories,  "soft-bounce" or "hard-bounce." Other differences are color (blue or black) and if they fold in half.  Springs can support individuals up to 300 lbs. It is one of the most popular brands on the market.

Needak Rebounders cost between $280 and $325 with the only difference between higher priced and lower prices models are the bounce (soft costs less) and if the unit can fold.  Frames are made of steel and legs have a rubber cap.

The Rebounder is 10 inches from the ground and has a 40" diameter. 


The Needak "soft-bounce" is somewhat unique in rebounding. It combines responsiveness of bounce while still providing health benefits.

The Needak offers a lifetime warranty that covers the frame, frame hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. There is a five year warranty for items that can wear after heavy use such as the mat, mat cleats and spring pins.  There is a two year warranty for the springs, leg tips and leg springs.The company uses a time tested design and is a pioneer of the soft-bounce configuration.

One major difference in the Needak is the quality of the springs, which reduces the impact of each bounce by 85%. This is particularly important if you have issues with the spine and knees.  Another plus is that it is no longer necessary to purchase a skirt that covers the springs due to a change in design that protects the feet from injury.

If you use weights while rebounding and together with the weights approach 300 lbs. then this is the best Rebounder choice since you will not bottom out to the floor.  If you have health issues in the joints or bones, then go with the softer bounce.


For casual users the Needak is a good compromise between lower cost and higher cost models. However, you will feel the difference in bounce between the higher cost Bellicon and the Needak. The Bellicon offers a softer touch and quieter experience when jumping that is noticeable. The difference is the Needak's reliance on springs vs. the bungee cords used in the Bellicon.

The Needak springs make a noise comparable to what you would hear when bouncing on a larger trampoline. Springs have a noice reducing coating that helps.

The Bottom Line:

Needak is a good choice that will satisfy most users. If it fits your budget then you will not be disappointed. However, if you can afford the Bellicon, the quality of the experience is worth the price difference.

If you are just concerned about cellular health and lymph movement, then go with the soft bounce model. If you want a rigorous workout such as for aerobics or jogging, then go with the hard bounce model.  Hard bounce springs are also better for anyone that is heavier than 200 lbs.

After frequent use the springs will have to be changed approximately every 18 months to 24 months (depends on frequency of use and weight of the user.)  This is not a negative, just a reality of maintaining a rebounder that utilizes the entire spring to provide a soft bounce.

View Needak Rebounder Models

Al Carter's ReboundAir vs. Bellicon

Al Carter's ReboundAir has about 10% to 15% of the market. It is manufactured in China and costs around $350 - $429 depending on the model. It is sponsored by Al Carter, the Olympian and pioneer in researching the positive effects of rebounding on the human body.  He is rightfully one of the leading authorities on Rebounder related health benefits.

The lower cost Rebounders are the Standard and Half Fold, with the quarter fold costing more.  Unlike competitive models, the ReboundAir frame is made from ABS plastic.


The quarter fold Rebounder is perfect for anyone living in a tight space. It includes a carrying case with wheels, another reason why this is the most portable model available.

The company uses a unique spring design that has the springs sitting in a well, making it unnecessary to have a springs cover. It is the only brand with a lifetime warranty for all parts.


There is some debate as to whether the higher priced quarter-fold model offers the wear and safety of half-fold models. The Rebounders are produced by third party factories, unlike Needak's and Bellicon's that produce the items they sell.

You are also not going to get a big bounce from this model. It is strictly for individuals that want a health bounce, not a rigorous workout. 

The Bottom Line:

The ReboundAir is made for delivering a health bounce only. It delivers this benefit with a small bounce. It is perfect if you are buying a Rebounder for health benefits such as circulation, weight loss (calories without becoming tired) lymphatic movement or are prone to headaches.

It doesn't offer the bounce of the Bellicon, but is superior in terms of price vs. other spring models, storage and portability. It is also perfect if all you want is the health bounce with nothing else.  The design is sturdy and from reading other reviews, the springs will maintain their strength. If space is your issue and health bounce is your goal, the ReboundAir should be your choice.

Learn More About the ReboundAir

Bellicon vs. JumpSport Rebounder

The JumpSport is about 10% of the Rebounder market. Prices range from $299 for the 39" entry level model to $410 for the 44" pro.  Models also vary by if they fold.

They claim to be the "world's safest trampolines." Like the Bellicon, JumpSport uses bungee chords instead of springs.


The JumpSport has technology that makes it quick and easy to adjust the tension or firmness of the bounce. Unlike coil spring rebounders, JumpSport provides more of a stress-free bounce.  If you can't afford a Bellicon, this is the next best thing.  Consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

The model 370 Rebounder is perfect if you have back problems.  Bungee cords in adjustable models have 7 tension levels.

As a bungee model there is little to no noise, an advantage vs. spring based Rebounders.


The JumpSport is a high quality option that offers a bounce that is comparable to the Bellicon, but not quite the same. Adjustable firmness settings are only on higher priced models.

The Bottom Line:

As a bungee based model jumping is quiet and pleasant. If you do not have a budget for the Bellicon, you can't go wrong with a JumpSport.

See all JumpSport Models

Bellicon vs. Cellerciser

 Less than 10% of the market are Cellercisers. Like the ReboundAir, the Cellerciser is sponsored by a fitness celebrity, Dave Hall.

  • Cost:  $325  - $559
  • Higher price for the for the Tri-Fold Plus Balance Bar model.
  • 5 year warranty which excludes the spring cover
  • Made in the USA
  • 40" diameter with a 28" rebounding mat
  • Models are rated for people up to 300 lbs.


The Cellerciser uses quality steel springs designed to minimize issues such as back problems caused by springs that cause pronation or sinking of the feet. You can land anywhere on the mat surface and get the same bounce (the result of their triple-tiered tapered spring design.)

Recent quality improvements to digitally tuned springs are markedly better than older models.  The Cellerciser requires no assembly.

Another important pro is that the Cellerciser can be used with people of different weights (ideal range is 100 lbs to 300 lbs.)  This makes the Cellerciser a great choice if shared among different people with varying body weight.

No assembly is required. Quality frame is made out of 100% machine welded tungsten steel.


The springs make normal creaking sounds, even when oiled. 

The Bottom Line:

If you need a Rebounder that will be used by people with a wide range of weights, and if you cannot afford the Bellicon, go with the Cellerciser. It has an excellent reputation for quality and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

When buying online, stick with Amazon, since these are shipped directly by the Cellerciser company. This is important to ensure you get the latest model with the digitally tuned springs.

Learn More About Cellerciser

Bellicon Rebounder Reviews

As you can see from the descriptions of competing products, the Bellicon is the gold standard that other Rebounders are measured against. 

The Bellicon is made in Germany and costs $399 - $1,000 depending on the frame style and frame size purchased. The $399 model was introduced in August of 2016.

There are basically 3 sizes offered across 4 models.

  • 27" bouncing space/39" across
  • 32" bouncing space/32" across
  • 37" bouncing space/44" across

In general, larger is better, since more space allows for a greater variety of exercises

Bungee Strength:

A big part of the Bellicon success story is the bungee. This suspension system makes a big difference vs. spring Rebounders. Bungee cords are gentler on the muscles and joints. The selection of the right cords for you is based on your weight and whether or not you want a soft, medium or strong bounce.

If more than one person will be using the Rebounder, buy cords that are made for the heaviest person. If you buy "green clip" cords, which are recommended by the manufacturer, you will have the recommended strength for people of all weights (up to 440 lbs.)

Bungee cords offer a bounce that is almost 2x as high as springs. The result is a bounce that is gentle on the body while providing a more complete workout.

Bellicon makes Bungee cord selection easy by providing an online configurator.

Bellicon Classic vs. Premium

The difference between the Bellicon Classic and Premium has to do with the frame finish and available sizes. Performance will be the same.  If you are buying a Bellicon for the home go with the classic unless you like the stainless steel look. For public facilities, consider the Premium.

  • Classic: Available in 39", 44" and 49" diameter. Slack, powder coated satin finish on frame.
  • Premium: Available in 44" and 49" diameter (no 39" model). Stainless steel frame which is for antiseptic environments such as public gyms or medical facilities.

Is a Bellicon Worth the Money?

You just have to jump on a Bellicon to feel the difference bungee's make vs springs. To me it is worth the premium you pay vs. high quality options such as the Needak or the Cellerciser.  Plus, now that the basic Bellicon Classic is now $399, the price difference isn't as great.

The Bellicon is also good for people who need more G force in order to get the lymphatic benefits. They achieve the G force by providing a longer distance between the time between bounce and leaving the mat than any other brand.

Bellicon Rebounder Bungee Cord Fitting ChartGreen banded Bungee cords are recommended for homes with multiple users. Other cords are good depending on the use.

Bungees cords do eventually have to be replaced, which is an easy process.  Going back to our criteria, the Bellicon is more money than every other brand, but offers the quality and workout to justify the prices. The warranty is not as good as some of the other brands, but with the quality it isn't an issue.

The only downside besides the price is that the Bellicon does not fold in half (the legs do fold,) a problem if you have limited space. If this is a major issue, one of the folding models mentioned above would be a good alternative.

Buying a Used Bellicon

If you are interested in buying a Bellicon Rebounder used, be sure to check on any wear and tear items such as the bungee cords and mat. A Bellicon bungee set costs approximately $85. By comparison, a used 39" Bellicon recently listed on eBay for $152.50. Compare this to a new model for $399 and make your decision. If the eBay listing  is in relatively good condition then it might be a good value.

See Bellicon listings on Ebay.

To learn more about new Bellicon Rebounders.

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