Care and Treatment of Skin Tags

" There are many names for skin tags such as  acrochordons, filiform, pedunculated, papillomas, soft fibromas and fibroepithelial polyps). These skin growths are benign (harmless) and painless small growths of tissue hanging off a connecting stalk (pedunculated from the skin's surface). "  

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Flesh colored or darker, tags develop in the folds of the skin(neck, breast, armpit, eyelid and groin area). They are more prevalent in women then men, appear as we age, as some of us become obese and with type 2 diabetes.

Some professionals believe they might be genetically inherited, although they are not certain. These lesions are usually painless unless irritated by clothing or other objects that constantly rub against them.

Causes of Skin Tags:

The cause for these growths on skin are unknown. Following are some factors that might help them generate:

  • Rubbing together of skin causing irritation & chaffing
  • The human papilloma virus.
  • Resistance to Insulin (syndrome x)
  • Gigantism (acrogmegaly)
  • Sudden increases in growth, such as pregnancy

Medical Treatments:

Since these unattractive skin lesions are harmless so you could leave them alone. However, a dermatologist can remove them for cosmetic reasons using several methods:

  • Cutting them off with a scalpel or scissor surgically
  • Freezing them off (cryotherapy)
  • Electronic surgery, burning them off electronically (cautery or diathermy)
  • Tying a suture around the neck of the lesion (surgical ligation)

Home Treatments

There are several products you can buy over the counter to help with a skin growth problem.

  • Dermisil: A liquid that causes the tags to dry up and flake away. Apply this product topically, its made form 100% pure plant extracts.
  • SkinTag Dx: an all natural product guaranteed to remove cutaneous  tags. You apply this product topically.

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