Scrotum Itch

" Scrotum itch may have a variety of causes, from a minor issue, such as an allergy to soaps or detergents, to more serious issues, such as a sexually transmitted disease. Determining the cause of the itch often relies on discovering the underlying condition causing the itching. Once the cause is determined, the itching and the cause may be treated. "   

Scrotum Itch Causes

Any type of itch can have multiple possible causes. The most common cause of male genital itch, the fungus that causes jock itch, rarely causes scrotum itch.  Review the list below to see which best matches your symptoms.

  • Yeast Infection (cutaneous candidiasis, penile candidiasis or candida) - this is often takes hold in the moist skin fold of  uncircumcised men, when a woman with a yeast infection has sex with a male that is not using a condom, when on antibiotics or if you have diabetes.  The condition is characterized by a  bright red, raw, rash.  It is sometimes accompanied by a rash on the penis head (as pictured below) and in some cases, pain.

    scrotum itch
    Scrotum Itch can be caused by a yeast infection which can appear on the penis (shown here on head of penis, also called candida) and the scrotum. It can be treated with an  over the counter anti-fungal such as Candida Clear.
    Source: CDC/Susan Lindsley
  • Scabies - An infestation of the skin by tiny organisms called mites.
  • Pubic lice – Also referred to as “crabs”, pubic lice are small parasitic insects found in pubic hair and spread through sexual contact.
  • Eczema – A chronic skin condition which causes inflammation, itching, swelling and redness of the skin.
  • Allergies to soap or shampoo
  • Herpes – Sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus
  • Psoriasis – Raised areas of thickened skin, caused when new skin cells are produced faster than old skin cells are shed.


The most obvious sign of this problem is the itching. The skin in the affected area might also become flaky and crack. A rash could appear, or just a reddening of the skin could also be present. Swelling, inflammation or the thickening of the skin can occur as well.

Scrotum Itch Diagnosis

Diagnosis of an itchy scrotum can be performed by a doctor by examining the groin area, and if necessary, tests can be performed for sexually transmitted diseases or other ailments.

Problems such as a yeast infection can be detected with a skin scraping and from the appearance of the condition.

Scrotum Itch Treatment

The best treatment for an itchy scrotum will depend on the underlying condition. Some quick relief for the may come from icing the area with an ice pack for 10 to 20 min. 3x per day.  

Treatment may range from washing the area with a mild soap and ensuring the area stays dry, to medications for control the condition and the itching.

For Jock Itch, Lotrimin AF or the homeopathic/natural product Naturasil for Jock Itch is recommended if you believe ringworm fungus (jock itch) is the cause. 

For yeast infection, try the natural solution Candida Clear. Medicated ointments that contain nystatin or miconazole can also help.

Pubic lice requires a product that kills these parasites such as Rid.

Do not use hydrocortisone cream unless under the direction of a Doctor as this will worsen any fungal infections.

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