Natural Remedies for Scabies

" Natural remedies for scabies are needed when mange mites burrow under the skin, causing itching, skin rash and skin tracks. The mite, called Sarcoptes scabiei is commonly found in skin folds (between fingers, inner elbow, around the breasts or around your waist, for example). If not treated, the constant scratching caused by scabies can lead to staph and strep infections, so it is important to see a doctor when the symptoms first present themselves. Treatment includes creams, oral medications and the elimination of the infestation from the home, including the thorough cleaning of all fabrics, clothing and bedding. Below, we have  over-the-counter remedies and treatments for scabies. See a Doctor if symptoms persist after using the over the counter products recommended below."  

Natural Remedies for Scabies

There are several types of natural remedies for scabies. These products include topicals and soaps designed to naturally kill scabies mites.

Liquid for Scabies

natural remedies for scabiesNaturasil liquid for scabies is a homeopathic alternative to permethrin cream that eliminates and relieves the symptoms of mite infestation. Many patients prefer this approach, since it does not include harsh chemicals such as permethrin, some of which have been found to cause cancer. It is made from plant extracts melaleuca alternifolia and cymbopogon citrates, which are known for their effectiveness in killing mites. Extracts from the jojoba plant are also included, which helps to soothe the skin.

Scabies Topical Cream

natural remedies for scabies Naturasil scabies topical cream contains the natural extracts of the melaleuca alternifolia and cymbopogon citrates, the active ingredient is alpha-terpinene-4-ol. Also includes jojoba plant extract. The cream is applied to the skin and once absorbed, eliminates the mites, eggs and waste on the skin. The cream is formulated to be used with Dermisil Liquid.

Sulfur-Lavender Soap

natural remedies for scabiesSulfur-Lavender Soap contains Palm Kernel and Coconut Oil based extracts, lavender essential oils and micronized volcanic sulfur, to create an effective anti-parasitic, antiseptic, and anti-fungal treatment for scabies.

Scabies Itch Relief

home remedy for scabiesDuring treatment, scabies often causes intense skin itch. Along with the products listed above, Scab-Ease itch relief is a homeopathic product that can be used to help with the persistent desire to itch.

It is non-addictive, safe and FDA-registered for the treatment of scabies itch. It has no artificial colors or preservatives and contains only homeopathic ingredients such as Psorinum, Staphisagria and Viola tri.

Products for Scabies Prevention

All clothes and bed linen used up to 3 days before treatment needs to be washed in hot water followed by 20 to 30 minutes in the dryer.

Disinfectant Spray

A home disinfectant like Benzarid spray is formulated to ensure the scabies infestation is completely eliminated from the environment.  Use this spray to disinfect chairs, floors, beds, couches and other surfaces. The spray is odorless and non-staining.

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