Morgellons Pictures and Video

" These Morgellons Pictures show the types of skin lesions associated with this disease. Symptoms include lesions on any skin area that do not heal. Lesions contain bundles of fibers of unexplainable origin. Neurologic problems include a tingling feeling on the skin as if insects are present or crawling. Researchers seek to differentiate the cause of skin lesions from delusional parasitosis, where individuals believe they have insects crawling on the skin when they do not exist. Neurological symptoms such as skin sensations start after the appearance of skin lesions. Morgellons disease is currently under study and is of unknown cause. Patients under study have an excess of cytokine, a protein that helps cells communicate with one antoher.  If a Morgellons patient tests positive for Chlamydophila pneumonia,  symtpoms can be successfully controlled with long term use of antibiotics. Current research points to an infectious cause for the condition. "   

Morgellon's Disease Overview

Cases of Morgellons syndrome  has been reported by over 15,000 families.  The disease is of unknown origin, although recent research points to an infectious cause. The condition is under investigation by a Morgellons CDC task force. 

The disease is characterized by skin lesions that do not heal, bundles of fibers within the lesions, and some type of tingling or skin sensation such as pins and needles or insects crawling on the surface. Skin sensations follow the outbreak of skin lesions.   Since these sensations are similar to those experienced by patients that have a condition called Delusions of Parasitosis (DP), doctors need to rule out this cause when diagnosing Morgellons.  It is not known if the disease is contagious or is genetic.

This is a helpful CBS news video describing morgellons syndrome and morgellons disease symtoms. It also describes the stuggle patients have had in convincing the medical community that this is in fact a new disease.   There are Doctors who believe that this is a new skin disease and others who do not. Regardless, those suffering from persistent skin lesions are suffering.

Mogellons Video Overview:

This Morgellons video explains the disease and efforts underway by the CDC Morgellons task force.

Morgellons Disease Symptoms

Skin lesions are one of the most prevalent morgellons syndrome symptoms.  Lesions can appear on different areas of the body and do not heal.

disease morgellons picture
Closeup View of Fiber in Morgellons Skin Disease Lesion
Source: ABC News

mogellens disease
Morgellons disease is characterized by fibers which appear in the skin lesions.  Researchers are puzzled as to what causes this mogellons symptom.
Source: Morgellons Research Foundation

morgellons sore lip
Morgellons Sore at Edge of Mouth on Lip
Source ABC News

morgellons rash leg
This Moregellen Rash is on a Patients Leg
Source: ABC News

morgellons skin disease
Morgellons Skin Disease Lesions
Source: CBS News/Morgellons Research Foundation

Thses Morgellons Pictures from the Morgellon Research Foundation shows how fiber like structures jut out of the skin. Patients also say morgellon symptoms include black specks and seed-like granules on the skin.  It is not known how the fibers are formed.

morgellons syndrome
Morgellons Syndrome symptoms showing fibers from childs lip
Source: Morgellons Research Foundation

morgellons syndrome
Morgellons Syndrome on Childs Lip
Source: Morgellons Research Foundation

morgellons fibers
Closeup Morgellon Pictures of Fibers which are found as a twisted ball
Source: Morgellons Research Foundation

Morgellons Research

For updates on Morgellons research, call the CDC Morgellons hotline at  404-718-1199 or email the CDC at  The latest Morgellons pictures research can be found on the Morgellons Research Foundation website.

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References Morgellens Skin Disease: (best information resource)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Morgellons

Washington Post (excellent roundtable on the origins and legitimacy of the disease)


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