Signs and Treatment of Jock Itch


" “Jock itch is characterized by a constant itch in the inner thigh and groin area. Causes are usually attributed to the presence of the fungus tinea cruris, also commonly referred to as ringworm. The condition is found primarily in adult men, particularly athletes, where the dark, moist conditions exist which allow the fungus to grow. The problem can be treated with over-the-counter medications or, if severe or the fungus spreads, with prescribed medication."  


Jock or scrotum itch is caused by a fungus called tinea cruris, more commonly known as ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus that typically appears on the surface of the skin, but can become problematic when located in a warm, moist area, such as the groin. The sweat and moisture can lead to itching, which in turn leads to scratching. The scratching creates small cuts in the skin, allowing the fungus to enter the skin and spread to other parts of the groin and genital area.

Jock Itch Images

Jock or scrotum itch images are characterized by red inflamed areas of skin located around the jock.

jock itch
Jock Itch Images
Source: Taipei Medical College

jock itch
Jock Itch Images
Source: The Drs.

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The most obvious sign is itching. The skin in the affected area might also become flaky and crack. A red, circular rash might also accompany the itching. The raised-edge and circular pattern of the rash makes it appear distinctive from other types of rashes. Bumps and blisters might be present in the center of the rash rings. In less severe cases, the ring pattern might not be present, but might instead be represented by reddened skin.


Diagnosis of jock or scrotum itch can be performed by a doctor after an examination of the groin area.


There are several jock itch treatment options that can be used to alleviate the discomfort caused by jock or scrotum itch:

  • Wear loose clothing that will not irritate the area. This will also allow the affected area to receive air which will help in the healing process. At night do not wear tight fitting underwear to bed.  The fungus grows in dark, moist areas, so loose fitting clothes allow the "jock" to air out.
  • Gentle washing of the area with soap and water. Avoid using harsh soaps that rob the area of its natural oils. You can also use an anti-fungal soap formulated to help with this condition..
  • Check the feet.  The same fungus that causes jock or scrotum itch also causes athletes foot.  Fungus growing in one area could infect the other, so be sure to check both areas..
  • Use an over the counter anti-fungal cream on the affected area such as Lotrimin Ultra.
  • For anyone interested in a homeopathic approach, Naturasil is specifically formulated to naturally eliminate the problem.  This product can be used with the anti-fungal soap mentioned above.

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